Trail Day Must-Haves

Trail Day Must-Haves

Trial Day Must Haves

Hey Everyone,

We are super excited about our upcoming trail day on July 11th looks like we are going to have a good size group. We have received a few email with a couple of questions about the big day. On July 8th we will send out an email with all the details for the day…but here are a few items that you can make sure to pack and have ready.


Trail Day must haves

  • Spare Tire
  • Jack to change your spare
  • Tools
  • Radios (we use race radio’s)
  • Water
  • Air Gauge to air down
  • Compressor to air back up (you can go to a gas station as well)
  • OnX GPS APP (optional)
  • First Aid Kit


We list a few of these items below, they are available for purchase on our website. If you have any questions or need more assistance, you can email us at


Thanks and can’t wait to see you all out in Big Bear!



For our Trail run we will be using the OnX GPS App to track and download our run. We highly suggest that you download this app before you head out on the trail. Make sure to track the run and save it for the next time you want to go back out and see what trails you have already done.
Airing Up or Airing Down….Make sure you have the Right PSI
ARB E-Z DEFLATOR This is one of my favorite gauages to use. We have them in all of our rigs. They are EZ and fast to use.
VIAIR 400PA Air Compressor Kit We have on board air systems on most of our vehicles, but we also have a couple of portable compressors that are great to put in any vehicles for a road trip, on or off-road.
Recovery Gear and More
ARB SPEEDY SEAL PUNCTURE REPAIR KIT SERIES II So if anyone has heard my story about double flatting on Mojave….Good thing the guys brought one of these along.
WARN Heavy-Duty Epic Recovery Kit This recovery kit has everything you need, strap, tree trunk strap, shackles, gloves and carrying bag. For 5 years I didn’t use my recovery kit, then one trip to Moab and i used it 5x’s that trip. So you never know.
Hi-Lift Jack If you have ever taken one of our suspension 101 classes or have been on a trail day with us. I usually talk about Hi-Lift jacks and how amazing they are for so many different reasons. If you buy one from us, let me know if you want me to give you a quick lesson on how to use it properly.
PRO Eagle Jacks This is another item you will find in each one of our vehicles at all time. In fact we had to use it on the freeway today with our Super Duty, you never know when you will get a flat. We were just thankful it was a fast and speedy tire change because we had the right tools.
1Life Trama Kit First Aid kit are a must, but this Trama kit is so much more. A guy named Josh created this kit after being out in the middle of no where and is friend almost lost his life, so josh wanted to make sure to put a kit together that had everything that they could have used. These are a must have for every vehicle.
BOXO Tool Roll Boxo tools are a great tool kit and come with an even better warratny. We have this kit at our shop on display and I love how organized the boxes are. They also come in different color combinations so you can customize them to your liking. I highly recommend them for your garage or vehicle.
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Do you know an adventure-loving-gear-head father (a.k.a Rad Dad) ? Have you been on the hunt searching for the best, most unique, raddest gift for good ol’ Dad? If yes, then this list is for you! We’ve compiled our favorite Dad gifts that compliment any outdoor or garage hobby, priced to fit any budget, in stock and ready to ship anywhere in the US! Time is running out, so hurry up before you become the punchline in a dad joke.


P.S. Feel free to shamelessly forward this to your family.

P.S.S. There’s no shame in gifting yourself.

LGE-CTS’ TOP 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2020
CHEERS DAD, YOU DESERVE IT ARB Elements Fridge / Freezer
BECAUSE DAD’S RACE CAR BOXO 185pc Metric & SAE Tool Box Set
THE ORGANIZED DAD WARN Epic Accessory Backpack
COOL DAD CAMO Fun Trek Off-Road Tail Book
Wishing all the Rad Dads out there a great Father’s Day, including ours, Louie Morosan!
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What is…. SPECIALTY Vehicle Collision Repair?

What is…. SPECIALTY Vehicle Collision Repair?

What is… SPECIALTY Vehicle Collision Repair

What exactly is considered Specialty Vehicle Collision Repair?

We consider vehicles that have any custom modifications like lifted trucks, lowered cars, classic customs, or custom paint jobs that have any type of damage as Specialty Vehicle Collision Repair. Many standard collision repair shops do not work on these types of vehicles. These vehicle repairs take unique skill and require an experienced shop that has the knowhow to get these vehicles back on the road.

Our team at LGE-CTS Motorsports has been repairing specialty vehicles for over 30 years. We are experienced in all facets of the process. Specialized repair can be challenging due to many variables involved in the repair process. Our background allows us to guide a customer from start to finish, including assistance in starting an insurance claim to executing the repairs while providing guidance for any modifications along the way. Our shop is equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to complete repairs on just about any vehicle, and we have many resources that help aid vehicles back to its pre-accident condition.

One of the keys to having a successful repair is having a shop that is capable of guiding the customer, like dealing with the complicated processes from insurance companies and locating the correct parts for repair or replacement. We have relationships with most insurance companies, and can make this part of the service as hassle free as possible. We have a vast network of resources for parts and supplies, however, we know the most important part of the repair process is the customer experience. Our team works directly with our customers to make sure their vehicle is repaired exactly how they want it.

Specialty collision repair is not exclusively processed through insurance claims either. We are able to get a vehicle repaired whether you pay for it or paid for by another third party. There are many different circumstances that we can help you work through as there are many details involved with this type of repair.
If you are looking for a shop to help with your Specialty Vehicle Collision Repair, or if you have questions about the process, were ready to help, call us!
Vehicle accidents happen and we are here for you!
Have a great day, be safe out there!

Jason and the team at LGE-CTS Motorsports

Here are just a few vehicles we have repaired below – BEFORE AND AFTER:
Custom Hot Rods – 1932 Ford Roadster
Classic Cars – 1962 Chevy Corvette
Newer Customized Vehicles – 2018 Dodge Challenger
Lifted and Customized Trucks – 2015 Ford Raptor – Gen 1
We specialize in repairing everything from fiberglass and plastic panels on Chevy Corvette’s to installing Ford Raptor fiberglass prerunner fenders and panels.


We use the best spray booth in the business! The Blowtherm USA spray booth is the latest development in spray booth technology aimed at providing exceptional results with minimum environmental impact.


Envirobase® High Performance – This paint system is the leading premium waterborne paint system in the North America. Delivering everything high-production collision centers need. It achieves outstanding color for todays OEM and custom finishes, and also provides a suite of undercoats and clear coats that integrate flawlessly with its advanced waterborne base coat providing best-in-class color accuracy and durability.

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ROAD TRIPS… what memories do YOU have?

ROAD TRIPS… what memories do YOU have?

ROAD TRIPS… what memories do YOU have?

We’ve all taken road trips…
But what have been your most memorable? Why? Is it because of where you went? Or who you went with? Or what vehicle you drove in? Whatever the reason, there is that one memory you have, and we want to hear it! So reply to this post with yours! Here are a few of mine!

For us, my sister and I were fortunate enough to have family and friends that loved traveling the intercontinental North American region. And whether it be traveling, or just working on them, I would say most of our memories were based around cars, lol! But there is something about road trips!

Since we were a few years old, my moms parents have taken us to San Felipe in Baja. 

All of the grand kids would ride in the camper on our grandpa’s 1980 Chevy Pick up. Then we would hit the beach and ride 3 wheeler’s all day long. Those were the good old days! 

Then, when I turned 12, my sister and I took a cross county trip during summer with my dad’s parents. With the trip being almost 2 months long, we had tons of memories, lol! But I do have a most memorable! You all remember grandpa Lou right?! Well I was always dubbed navigator. For some reason I was good at directions and remembering landmarks. These were the days of Thomas guides and AAA Trip Tik maps. So as my grandpa and I were coming to a crazy big freeway interchange, it got confusing to me, but I finally said … I think you are supposed to go that way grandpa … as I pointed to the off ramp that we almost passed! But he quickly turned the vehicle towards where I pointed because he knew I would be right. And my eyes grew wide as we flew across a few lanes in our Winnebago on to the correct highway. Grandpa didn’t say a word… just kept on driving! Lol! 

And of course… I remember my dads first fully custom painted 1979 Ford F100 Ranger. Standard cab short bed. Bright yellow with custom graphics. Just the right proportions. I remember when we would drive in it, and he’d let me shift! That was the coolest thing! But I really remember just how many cool places that ride took us too. Mostly Pismo beach… I loved driving down that beach! 

Well, it’s amazing how many great memories we have based around vehicles, or where our vehicles have taken us. Truly a vehicle is just that, something that transports you somewhere! And even empowers you by what it looks like and what it can do. ! I always say they are extension of our personalities! I do have a Supercharged 635 hp Raptor, lol! Just saying! And we now have this amazing Super Duty that has already given us enough memories to share for a lifetime! 

Vehicle’s are truly such a huge part of our daily lives. Look at how many memories our vehicles give us! Look at how they impact our lives. Look at the memories you will create with your next generation. 

We know how important those memories are, and we’re happy we can help make them possible. We’re here to help you create that connection, that bond, of using your vehicle to create memories that you will have the rest of your life. 

Each customer’s builds are so special to us. To hear and know why they want to build something and to help them accomplish their dream of doing that means the world to us. A build is an investment that will make memories that last a lifetime. 

Let’s create some memories together, because memories are worth investing in!

LGE-CTS Motorsports loves building it all, but has a strong focus in offroad lifestyle driven designs. We look forward to building something with you and we are also here to repair your custom vehicle. 

We appreciate your continued support and love having you as part of our Motorsports family! Thank you for your referrals! It’s exactly what has made us grow over the years!

VIAR: Your vital air source

Are you PREPARED for your road trip?

Flat tires happen! So we are always prepared with our Viair compressor’s. Below, Sara is using the portable compressor that we highly recommend for any road trip you might be taking!

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