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We are ready to help you redefine your ride. 


 Whether it be collision, or a full build, the possibilities are endless. 


We got into this line of work because we grew up around it, we love it, its what we do.  So below is our story we want to share with you…


LGE-CTS Motorsports started in our parents hearts in the early 1980’s. Louie knew how to work on cars, and Gerry never minded getting her hands dirty and helping to make a dream happen. Together they ended up turning L&G Enterprises into a well known auto body shop in the San Gabriel Valley. I always say my parents got “stuck” with 2 girls, but we were never treated like girls, just like the well capable people we are.


There always seemed to be trucks around because of their love of off-roading, so when their daughter Sara wanted to open the Custom Truck Shop, it was a perfect fit for all. So in 2001, CTS opened and their oldest daughter Theresa and her husband Jason, took over the autobody & paint shop, L&G Enterprises. After many years of people not knowing that L&G Enterprises (LGE)  and Custom Truck Shop (CTS) were all the same family, we decided to wrap it all together as LGE-CTS Motorsports… and that’s who you know us as today.


2 generations of families have been running the shop and love to see how the trends have changed and where they are going. 


As the 2nd generation, we look to the past for inspiration, and we look towards the future as motivation! 


We have taken what was first known locally, into a business that is known world wide. 


We love keeping updated on what’s happening in the automotive industry by starting the trends and we believe its important to give back to our community and our industry any way we can. 


With a passion for anything that has a motor, and the love of driving and riding on and off road… LGE-CTS Motorsports seemed to be the right fit for the direction of the future.


We love working on anything that has wheels! 


We look forward to helping you REDEFINE your RIDE! 




Louis & Geraldine Morosan opened L&G Enterprises (LGE) in 1982. LGE is an auto body shop that specializes in collision repair and custom automotive paint jobs. They hit the automotive world hard and heavy with their mild modifications and complete restorations. After outgrowing their small Glendora, California, shop, they made their move to a larger site in San Dimas, California. Their success was reaffirmed with many magazine features/covers and awards including those from the infamous SEMA Show. LGE has partnered with many of the automotive industry leaders to feature some of their best work. 

In 2001 Louie, Gerry, and their youngest daughter, Sara, decided to turn one of their passions into another business venture. They opened Custom Truck Shop (CTS) where they would provide some of the coolest automotive customization accessories and perform installations and modifications. The 6,000 sq. ft. suspension shop is equipped with alignment racks, a machine shop, and a full metal fabrication shop. A 1,200 sq. ft. showroom is also open during the week to view some of the accessories available for your ride. 

In 2012 LGE and CTS combined offices and now operate under one roof at their original San Dimas location. They are now recognized by one logo to show the union of the two shops. LGE*CTS Motorsports is your complete car care and custom center.

San Dimas Chamber of Commerce

The Mission of the San Dimas Chamber of Commerce is to foster and promote growth of the business and professional community while enhancing the quality of life in San Dimas.

San Dimas Sheriff’s Booster Club

The San Dimas Booster Club was established to provide a means to raise money for the needs of auxiliary personnel and volunteers who work at the San Dimas Sheriff’s Station.

Alex Xydias Center for Automotive Arts

This two year automotive program allows students to gain the necessary confidence and hands-on experience needed to enter the automotive industry.

Glendora Chamber of Commerce

The mission of the Glendora Chamber is to provide tools and resources to assist the business community in prospering and adapting to the economic climate, while growing membership and promoting local purchasing.

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