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Easter Jeep Safari 2019


In early April this year the LGE-CTS team headed out to our 5th Easter Jeep Safari 2019 in Moab, UT. We can honestly say; it is one of our favorite events! We left early Sunday morning and drove straight through to Moab. Every year we always have quite the caravan and this year was not different. We were joined by our industry friends from Rollin’ Big Power (RBP), Advanced Accessory Concepts (Trigger Controller), and Hellwig Products. The first stop was Peggy Sues for breakfast, while we waited for the whole group to meet up. It was a surreal moment when you just feel so blessed to have so many great friends and the opportunity to go on work trips like this one. Yes, for us this is a work trip, but for many this is a bucket list trip with family and friends… if you haven’t been you need to go!!

This year Louie was able to join myself and Audry out on the trip, which was super awesome! Now that he is retired, he was excited about joining us on this amazing trip, plus we were able to take out our Jeep and our new Ford Ranger. I was way braver this year on the obstacles that I tried too since I knew my dad was there to help me just in case I broke anything major, lol.

Early Monday morning we met up at the arena for the annual Skyjacker run which this year was the trail head Steel Bender. All the trails out in Moab are beautiful, each one of them bring a totally different terrain or viewpoint. Steel bender is more of tree lined trail and has great obstacles. I was able to use my Warn Winch for the second time in my life. I tried to pick a hard line and got caught up on a rock. Our friends at ICON were nice enough to help us out and we used their Jeep as a winch point. A few of us split from the group and went to spend the day with ICON and we watched Tom Wayes play in his race car. It was pretty freakin’ cool to see what he can do in that car and how it handles so well. Makes me want to race!! The rest of our group finished with Skyjacker run and we all met up for dinner to reminisce about our days and the great times we had before we headed over to Zak’s for an industry party.

Tuesday morning was another early start as we headed out to join the Jk Forum and Hellwig run, Metal masher. This is my second time doing this run, so I was a little braver on trying some of the obstacles. I started to get to brave and attempted “Widow Maker” well I didn’t make it…I had to use my winch for the second time, and I broke my spare tire carrier. Thanks to Icon again for helping me winch out and Mike from Hellwig for changing my spare tire carrier for me. I do have to say we got a great picture of my dad standing under my Jeep. Lol. Maybe next year, I will have better luck! That night after hitting the trails Audry and Melanie (Hellwig) headed over to the Ladies Off-road network to go visit a few of our friends and then we all met up for dinner and to celebrate Melonie’s birthday.

Early Wednesday morning, we joined our friends from ICON on the Trail “Fins’n’things.” I did part of this trail last year in my dad’s black Super duty with Full-size invasion and it was definitely different. Doing the trail in a Jeep was way easier, lol. This was a pretty cool trail, lots of big slick rock sections but had some great switch back area’s that we were able to go fast and got some great shots of all of us. It was a fun day with a smaller group of people. That night we headed over to the RBP party at Woody’s and had a great time hanging out with friends, it’s hard to see everyone during the day so it’s great to still be able to catch up with them in town.

Thursday morning was our turn to lead a trail. Joe Bovee at R&R Marketing helped us plan a trail ride on Hell’s Revenge and was able to take out all of our friends from SEMA / TORA. Even the SEMA president and the Chairman of the board joined us. R&R Marketing team lead the group and made sure we hit all the great spots. ICON Vehicle Dynamics was part of the group and they brought Tom Wayes with his Ultra 4 race car … and he was giving us rides! How awesome to be able to go for a ride in an Ultra 4 car with Tom Wayes…well you will have to make sure to check out some of the video’s from that day for sure. This by far was my favorite day…. We spent time with industry friends that we only get to see out at the SEMA Show and being able to hangout in a different environment and do the things that we love to do with them was amazing. Hellwig products brought out their CJ2A which was a blast to watch go up everything. This really was such a fun day! That night we met up with all of our SEMA / TORA friends for the Town Hall Meeting and the TORA launch party. It was a great party with music, great views and even better company. Later that night we headed to Grandpa’s Garage to meet up with our friends from GenRight Offroad for a night cap before we headed home.

Friday was finally our mellow day…We hit up the show at the arena to go and visit all the booths to see if we could find any new products or cool clothing we couldn’t live without. We came across this cool welding trail kit called “__________” it gives you the ability to weld small thing on the trail that might need to be fixed, like brake lines and radiators. I was pretty impressed with it. When we were finished at the arena, we headed back out to the trail Fins’n’things with ICON and did the second half of the trail again, because we had so much fun on it the last time we were on it. It was a bittersweet trail ride since it was the last one for the week and we were going to head back to camp to pack up and head home.

All of our rigs did amazing and we couldn’t be happier with how our week went. It’s pretty cool to go out and really push yourself and your vehicles to the limit especially when you know you have good product on your rigs that you can trust, there is nothing more important. Plus, my dad didn’t have to help me fix anything major. Part of the reason we go out there on the trails is for product testing, we want to be able to let our customers know firsthand how something works, and how it holds up. We want to make sure we can sell products we believe in.

If you are interested in attending the event next year, check out Red Rock Wheels website: for more information about the upcoming Easter Jeep Safari’s. If you can’t make it out to the actual event and want to head out another time, their website is great to visit for trail info and other great information about Moab.

Check out the photo gallery of all our fun out in Moab and to see how well our products and rigs did out there.

Thanks for reading, till next time!


Check out our friends on Instagram for more great photos from our trip.
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